Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Skinny love

A wink to you.

So I am now on my semester break holiday for one and half month. Waiting for a job, where is it? Why you no came or call me? I woke up everyday early in the morning. Helped my abah and mom ironing theirs suits and cooked for lunch for my brother. And then, continue my sleep. Yes, a very-very productive.

So. Here. I just gonna show what did I do for this 1st semester till the 4th. Half of it, I may show here. Just for re-call. All the doodle that I've done. And shoes too. Hey, by the way I miss doing the shoes. You know what I mean. Painting the shoes and sells them. One fine day gonna do again.

 So. Done for now. Not-so-short update. So, basically now I'm doing nothing. Sitting back here, playing with cats and watching tv. And I am the bibik now :) Later. Peace be upon you.