Sunday, March 17, 2013

The next Youth Creadit Card

Hallo. Peace be upon you. I received emails recently 6 days ago and I was like, 'seriously, why I didnt know anything about this?' Omaigoddddd this gonna be so freaking cool. Rushing. Rushing. Rushing. And the winner gonna get this retina display macbook Pro! My dreaaaaams! Everyone dreams! PLEASE LET ME BE YOU WINNER! Ang there goes, manage to complete this one week after. And yet please :(

Hurry up, Nana.
Splash your ideas.

Aaaaa the new Macbook Pro :0 I want i want i want! since now I just continued my degree of Graphic Design. I need this! So. Let seeeeee the design. The next Youth Credit Card design! Hoyeah

So, the you go! The concept that I used is doodles, colorful. If I win this. This design will be the first DOODLE CREDIT CARD EVER! Cause there's no doodle credit card. And this will attract all the Youth! Combination of Peace, Colorful. Why? Let me tell you.
Omggggg my heart cannot stop beating!
Cause very excited to win this.
Please please (berangan!)

YOUR FREEDOM- Why? Because its your freedom man! Everyone dreams! To own our own credit card! Who doesnt want it? It's the pass for everything, enjoy every memories, every moments, everything!

Peace sign & colorful to show that free. Peace No War. So this is why I combined all of this. And by the name of,  Your Freedom it's your pass to achieve the dreams.

 Everyone dreams, people dreams. Please say I have the chance to win this? I am all nervous and struggle.