Sunday, March 18, 2012

Passing afternoon

Assalamualaikum, hello there. Its been like few months didn't update this blog. Due to something, and well I just done editing this blog. The headers, the background. Yeah. So, ignore the olden post. I've done something wrong with this blog. So, hello the new one. Hello again.

Now, for now I've one week gap, my last paper for final examination. So, I just don't have any interesting hobby to fill in. Em, I've been thinking for finishing my shoes but just don't have that mood. Wake up not-so-early doing nothing, watching movies, em. And doing nothing again! Eat, and eat and sleep again. Aih, what a life.

Been missing this blog a lot. Yeah, there's a lot to share. My doodle things, and stories? So. This 3D animation and Advertising went well. Verrrrryyyyy well. I am happy. Happy with my self cause yes! I've managed with everything except for something don't wanna tell. So, the Entrepreneurship gone with not-so-good. I am dying with that subject.

Now, I just need a plan. What to do besides revising the VCL, doing the notes? What? Kay, enjoy my tv-commercial for Advertising subject. I did Whiteboard animation, (its a stop motion anyway) and yeah it's fun. Enjoy it. I'm doing about Gregg's Spices and Herbs.

Ignore the last 5 second, arrangement tak bagus.

So, since this is much interesting that doing the Flash thing, I enjoyed doing this. Will try for a better one next time. Loves.